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Dorf Ketal (INDIA) + DOSA

Esta intervención esta basada en la idea de la simbiosis entre el estilo clásico de la Arquitectura francesa, el cual se refleja en el el edificio existente y el estilo...

Frëims Condesa

The project involved the renovation of a house built in the 1920s, to transform it into the first restaurant specialized in serving waffle sandwiches in Mexico, along with a great...

Just BE

The reference design to JUST BE is the city and its daily life, thus, an object like a wooden crate, emphasizes the containment and isolation....


The placement of a pebble on the tombstone after a visit to those who lie in the Israeli pantheon was the concept that we carry out this project....

Casa LPZ

Casa LPZ - To develop a housing in which spaces were closely linked, but clearly defined on one floor gave us the opportunity to place this house to a garden...

La Torre Havre
La Torre Havre

The evolution in the way we live the city and the dynamics of mobility were the guidelines under which we designed La Torre Havre....


Making an experience for the user based on routes, emphasizing the large scale on the facade and giving prominence with colors and geometries of the Hindu culture which we reflected...


A series of drones were proposed which capture content, synthesize and contextually sensitizing synergies, changes and variables of the water on the planet under three guidelines....

Rancho Arroyo Seco

On a ranch in Casas Grandes, Chihuahua, we carried out a project in which we propose a merger between the pre-existence of the site, and the reinterpretation of traditional housing....

Coliroma Cientoveintiocho

Each department generates an internal journey, contemplative courtyards and a functional solution determined in elongated departments, all with view to the street....

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