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Chido Bandido

Between multifamily housing known in Mexico with the name of 'vecindad' and the product our customer sells (youth casual clothing), we created the concept of this store....

Altesi Ristorante NYC

Inside a building of Mannerist style in NYC, we designed this French- Italian restaurant, we determined two critical elements for the design, flexible spaces and warm atmospheres....

Casa Safa

The proposal creates a dialogue of textures from the color and the materials used. The dividing walls in the public areas were removed to give a sense of openness and...

Departamento Av. Coyoacán

This project is defined by the activities of our customers, not only their residence but also their work space. ...

Oficinas MCOM

Under the premise of making a sober project, we expressed by means of soft colors, whites and grays, with a base on a functionalist concept....


The "Work and play" strategy was our way of improving the productivity of the workers of Timwe, having recreational areas to relax and create situations of leisure in the office...

Piso Dieciséis

Creating a fully transparent working environment, in which natural light penetrates to all areas was the premise on which we worked on this project....

Rocco Interior

We intervened in a small commercial shop under the vision of spatial order, clarity of function and the use of basic materials....


To combine the classic design of the Plaza Hotel in New York with a contemporary interior design project, we faced the challenge of re-interpreting the interior space and recovering square...

El Mercat

We were responsible for the design of this restaurant that the franchise of La Boqueria of NYC would bring to Mexico, we realized the task of tropicalizing the concept, understanding...

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