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Urban Living

We integrated a mixed program: housing and trade that the topological treatment of the proposal reflects a strongly composed expression....

Inmobius II y III

Excited to do a different proposal for a Beach House, he sought to break with the typology of the site, the sea as a main and focused element in views...

Bosque Real

With a basic outline of the traditional dwelling, the solution this time was in the sensations produced by forms and materials, a straight line and a curve to create a...


The proximity to the sea and directing views to it was essential so that through a play of volumes, terraces and large openings that allow the incision of light could...

Mesa Base Sobre Base

Two quadrangular pyramids, form a set of volumes made of ebony, which is the body of this table, the design is complemented with a steel base molding to provide conceptual...

Rocco Café

Rocco Cafe - This project aims to provides a new image of urban Ciudad Juarez, making contrast, emphasizing the importance of the relationship of architecture with the site....


PH DD - Combining the essential reason for architecture "Inhabit" and the pleasure in the contemplation of art, led us to carry out this project of interiorism design....

Mesa Diametro

Designed based on cylindrical pieces of different sizes with the particularity of flexibility, this is a table that if you produced in series, it will always turn out different....

Departamento RD

An architectural program for a passionate art collector is the guideline to raise to an artistic level the various elements that make the interior space possible....

Casa FDZ

The project is based around the radial strokes that meet at its plant; a variety of spaces and sensations, a front yard around which a porch generated and a garden....

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