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Rancho Arroyo Seco

On a ranch in Casas Grandes, Chihuahua, we carried out a project in which we propose a merger between the pre-existence of the site, and the reinterpretation of traditional housing....

Urban Living

We integrated a mixed program: housing and trade that the topological treatment of the proposal reflects a strongly composed expression....

Corporativo Artificio

Three horizontal volumes of different sizes turned on themselves, with edges which highlight the shape of their composition, are the primary reading that can deciphered upon seeing the facade...

Casa Cubo

Casa Cubo - Four courtyards as a unifying concept relating to the four natural elements; water, fire, air and Earth, around which the volumes emerge that define the project....

Espacio KVA

We started the design of this mall based layout of its plant at Nautilus, the shape's center serves as the large open public area which is surrounded by the shops...

Bodegas FVC

An extended wall defines the space on which the composition of this building is developed, the prism of wood emphasizes the facade in which the rhythm generated stands out with...

Corporativo Grupo Alianza

Corporativo Grupo Alianza - Building objects from blocks of equal size was an immediate reference from which we took the concept of this project based on the Jenga game....

Rocco Interior

We intervened in a small commercial shop under the vision of spatial order, clarity of function and the use of basic materials....

Rocco Café

Rocco Cafe - This project aims to provides a new image of urban Ciudad Juarez, making contrast, emphasizing the importance of the relationship of architecture with the site....

Casa Cerrada del Sol

The concept has an essence of a vernacular building with natural materials and traditional methods, patios as generators of the interior space....

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