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Man´S Cave

As a complementary part of our client's home program, we did this project for him, his desire was to have a place to gather with friends, the space we had...

Don Quintín Night Club Bar

From an old train station in El Paso, Texas, we worked out the space by proposing to leave the layout as free as possible, combining structural elements with a palette...

Draw a Chair (Silla Teilen)

As part of the contest Draw a Chair, we performed the design of this chair requiring to be stackable and mobile so it could be placed in different places within...

Altesi Ristorante NYC

Inside a building of Mannerist style in NYC, we designed this French- Italian restaurant, we determined two critical elements for the design, flexible spaces and warm atmospheres....


To combine the classic design of the Plaza Hotel in New York with a contemporary interior design project, we faced the challenge of re-interpreting the interior space and recovering square...

Mexico Restaurant

Interiorism design project in Dillon, Colorado, where natural materials inside a large barn, structural elements exposed with stone coatings....

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