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Inmobius II y III

Excited to do a different proposal for a Beach House, he sought to break with the typology of the site, the sea as a main and focused element in views...

Xanti Residences

Xanti Residences - The stroke that is left by the waves of the sea when passing over the sand has been the concept that gives shape to the project....

Latitude 19

Latitude 19 - A conceptual idea based on a breakwater that mitigates the inertia of the sea and reacts upon climate....

Edificio XP

The formal search for this project led us to interpret a rock and conceptually reflect an analogy in its volume, take a prism, rotate it on its central axis and...

Kiss Store

Fashion is a way of life, in this case Vintage, intervention to the shop was to provide a sense of prominence to ready-made parts and accessories, each line of clothing...

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