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The "Work and play" strategy was our way of improving the productivity of the workers of Timwe, having recreational areas to relax and create situations of leisure in the office...

Piso Dieciséis

Creating a fully transparent working environment, in which natural light penetrates to all areas was the premise on which we worked on this project....

Rocco Interior

We intervened in a small commercial shop under the vision of spatial order, clarity of function and the use of basic materials....

El Mercat

We were responsible for the design of this restaurant that the franchise of La Boqueria of NYC would bring to Mexico, we realized the task of tropicalizing the concept, understanding...

Mesa Base Sobre Base

Two quadrangular pyramids, form a set of volumes made of ebony, which is the body of this table, the design is complemented with a steel base molding to provide conceptual...

Mesa Diametro

Designed based on cylindrical pieces of different sizes with the particularity of flexibility, this is a table that if you produced in series, it will always turn out different....

Sillón Tzi Tzic

As an addition to a living room, we designed this circular armchair, generated from an organic line that integrated textile details of forms reminiscent to a green leaf highlighted on...

Ricardo Seco Boutique

Ricardo Seco Boutique - The concept allows the user to experience the feeling of uneven planes upon entering the premises since it has no walls, ceiling, or straight floors....

Tapial Edificio ST40

From experimentation and techniques of printing on wood, the facade of the building leaks at a point on the horizon of the rammed mud wall where we put a periscope....

Tapial LVII

Reusing waste material from our works in this rammed earth wall was the element of composition and design in this intervention....

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