Arquitectura en Movimiento - Workshop

Designing involves talking about what is and what is expected of the design, summarizing the values and needs of the architectural object, looking for a positive impact on the daily lives of those who inhabit the spaces, not only to create aesthetic and functional “products”, these are intrinsic values that do not determine the object, but also to be part of the process and the search goes beyond resolving a problem, to improve the life and the environment of the daily user and spectator in the urban environment when a work of architecture is, in relation to the interior design, creating atmospheres, emotions and experiential sequences in each person which lives colors, light, texture, dimensions, proportions and furniture arranged in such a way that they give meaning to the conceptual vision behind each design just as the architect has configured it for his artistic expression.

Designing requires considerations that summary and symbolize all that it is yearning for, which creates in the memory space and identity, which makes living a spiritual act.

In ARQMOV WORKSHOP, we are in a constant search for proposing and innovating; each space is resolved as only that space can be, we create custom projects, we believe fully in teamwork, in self-criticism and in multi-criticism, in the architecture of many minds, many ideas and many solutions to reach an optimal result, so we always refer to ourselves as a workshop.

Arquitectura en Movimiento - Interiorismo

Our exercise in the integration of architecture, interior design, crafts and landscaping to convey meanings that make the living experience in each user, using the design we create functional and aesthetic spaces, but mostly unique ones, responding to the personality of the client or the site itself, we develop projects in the following specialties: residential, corporate, commercial, hospitality and service.

Arquitectura en Movimiento - Planner

As an integral part of Arquitectura en Movimiento Workshop carried out investment projects that are developed from the search of lots, design and construction of real estate and marketing in different parts of the city of Mexico and other cities in the country, in order to return profits to investors involved in our projects.

All the projects carried out by Move Planner have been profitable and have covered the expectations that have been expected by the investors who decided to share these projects with us.

To achieve this, financial studies with different scenarios, risks and opportunities posed by these projects are reviewed and finally mutual funds are generated for each project; with strategies that have proved suitable.

The construction business has been highly requested by investors in recent years as a practice of controlled risk, where the investor alternates this practice with their daily work and leaves in our hands the necessary working capital invested to generate the expected yields. Some of the strategies we’ve used are as follows:

  1. Through quality design we managed the final buyer to be increasingly interested in our developments.

  2. All our developments have begun with a presale which allows you to build real estate with end-buyers, so various forms of acquisition of goods are offered to the market with 3 different costs, i.e.: presale price, selling price and post-sale price.

  3. Each project is supported by a media plan to advertise the developments and solidify your marketing.

  4. We are constantly looking for new products that benefit the natural resources that meet environmental standards and the best cost efficiency.

Arquitectura en Movimiento - Urbano

Always interested in urban issues, on many occasions we extend the design of the projects to the street, we intervene our construction walls with designs that have to do with the projects that we are making there, we also integrate our buildings to the urban context as far as possible, we always look for interaction with pedestrians, giving a little back to the street that welcomes us. We have participated 3 times within the Condesa-Roma Cultural corridor with different installations and/or performances.

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