Eduardo Micha

Passionate about science and astronomy, art lover, music student ... architect.

Eduardo Micha

Fabio Correa – Arquitectura en Movimiento

Muy Mexican Architect-ou

Fabio Correa

Gabriel Merino – Arquitectura en Movimiento

“When a style is forced to become a brand, a personal characteristic, then it also becomes a cage. The recognition falls on the acceptance of the challenge, and then, the architectural work will become identifiable: but by the method, not any recognize the personal brand.”
By Renzo Piano.

Gabriel Merino

Oscar Osorio

Graduated architect and professor at the faculty architecture at UNAM. Part of arqmov since 2008. Graduated in electronic art, he explores projects regarding analysis of territory and its societies through his platform “Síntoma.Territorio”. Online: “civic design” certified by the architecture institute at the Madrid College of Architects.

Oscar Osorio

Christian Rodríguez – Arquitectura en Movimiento

At arqmov since 2010. Architect, 3D visualization and photographer.

Christian Rodríguez


Love of graphics.

Eduardo Acosta


Engineer by curiosity.
Restless by nature.
Music lover by choice.
Coffee drinker by taste .
Disruptive by duty.

Rodrigo Meza

Maricruz Perez – Arquitectura en Movimiento

Architect. Passion for architecture, desing, music and literature.

Maricruz Pérez

Daniel MIranda – Arquitectura en Movimiento

Construction, management, permits and design.

Daniel Miranda


The conjunction of qualities, knowledge, vision, art, freedom, are my inspiration for special and enriching spaces that provoke sensory enjoyment of our world, always united with passion and adventure.
Matthew 7:24-27, Lucas 14:28-30

David Hernández


Committed to the conservation of the well - being of society.

Erika Nava

Jair Mendez – Arquitectura en Movimiento

Call me maybe

Jair Mendez

David Serrano – Arquitectura en Movimiento

If you want to be wise, learn to question reasonably, to listen carefully, to respond calmy, and to be silent when you have nothing to say

David Serrano

Miriam Martinez – Arquitectura en Movimiento

Smile is the curve that puts everything in order.

Miriam Castillo


“I do not fear computers; what I fears is the lack of them “. Isaac Asimov.

Fernando Gómez


Only one’s own personal experience makes a man wise.

Marisol López Castilla


Live life!

Melina Cerecedo

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